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Pressure Washing

Happy Home LLC provides professionally managed pressure washing in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC counties. Our expertise is to provide you with direct services for your exterior cleaning needs with quality workmanship. Pressure washing your house, whether it is vinyl, stucco, wood or any other building material, is a carefully orchestrated process that should be left to qualified experts in the pressure washing industry to perform. We back our work with the commitment that our exterior cleaning services will enhance and sustain the beauty of your property for years to come. Our expertise has evolved by focusing on our strengths to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with our performance. You can rest assured that our team will take care of your surrounding landscape when washing the house. We take a proactive approach and practice diligence by taking note of the sensitive items around the house that need to be moved during the wash so that they are protected. When finished, we will also move the items back to their proper place. Lastly, if you are considering painting your house, our house wash service will be a perfect solution to ensure that there will be proper paint adhesion We look forward to hear from you about your cleaning needs.

Residential cleaning
• Roof Cleaning • Patio & Deck Washing • Fence Cleaning • Driveway Cleaning • Exterior Home Cleaning • Vinyl Siding Cleaning • Sidewalk Cleaning • Brick Cleaning • Concrete Cleaning • Rain Gutter Cleaning • Graffiti Removal


Commercial Services

  • Store Front Cleaning
    • Sidewalk Cleaning
    • Parking Lot Cleaning
    • Drive Thru Cleaning
    • Concrete Cleaning
    • Gum & Stain Removal
    • Roof Cleaning
    • Graffiti Removal
    • Dumpster Area Cleaning
    • Sign Cleaning
    • Equipment Cleaning
    • Maintenance Packages